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Seal_of_FloridaHCRS is an approved continuing education provider for PT, OT and ST in the state of Florida. Courses are held at our facilities and currently include: Leadership training entitled: Emotional Intelligence for the Health Care Professional, Management of the Medically Complex Patient in the SNF Setting, Physical Agent Modalities for the SNF, Dementia Management for the Interdisciplinary Team and a Documentation Boot Camp. HCRS also provides several online CE opportunities for our employees for such topics as the rehabilitation of the Total Hip (THA) and Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) Further details and course schedules can be found at This is an added benefit to our therapists as HCRS can provide CE credits at no cost to our employees.

Course Descriptions:

  • Physical Agent Modalities

    The physical agent modality course is designed to introduce the rehab professional of the skilled nursing facility to the use of physical agent modalities (PAMs). PAMs includes but is not limited to: ultrasound, Interferential, Russian, TENS, High volt, pulsed current (HVPC), premodulated waveforms, microcurrent and diathermy. The use of PAMs as an adjunct to other therapeutic interventions often enhances patient outcomes. This course is designed for Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapist, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants, and Physical Therapy Assistants. It is designed to provide an understanding of commonly used modalities and their applications for a variety of clinical conditions.

    The material will address the theoretical basis and efficacy of each modality, physical properties (parameters) of the devices, the body’s physiological response to their application, indications and contraindications, application techniques, and documentation to satisfy payer sources. This course is designed around the Chattanooga Intelect Legend series combo units. This unit is the preferred PAM delivery unit for our facilities. The course provides the clinician with a better understanding of unit set up and application of the PAM.

  • Documentation Boot Camp

    This course was designed to review the state, Federal and 3rd party payer guidelines for documentation of therapy services that will withstand medical review. The course also reviews the claim review process and explores the role of Medicare Contractors.

    The course provides an overview of standardized assessments and how to document objective baseline measurements, what constitutes medically necessity, how to document to withstand medical review and a review of billing requirements for the most common CPT codes.

  • Emotional Intelligence for the Health Care Professional

    This course will present an overview of leadership principles and relationship management using the Emotional Intelligence Model within the context of the health professional. Special emphasis will be placed on the attendees’ self-evaluation of leadership skills. Exploration of leadership principles as it applies to differences in being a “leader” and being a “boss” will be performed.

    We will discuss approaches to motivate, support, promote team building, manage conflict, and be effective leaders in health care. Customer service and conflict resolution will also be reviewed as best practices.

In addition to being an in-house CE provider, HCRS provides $1000 per calendar year for Continuing Education for our full time employees. Every full time employee is allowed one paid day per year to enable them to attend a course on a weekday without using Paid Time Off (PTO) or taking an unpaid day.